Tamela Mann: Living her "Best Days"

Examiner.com-There's something special to be desired when an Artist is able to deliver powerful vocals on a song and what's even more commendable is to have a life that is evident of what you sing. "Best Days" is a testament of not only Tamela Mann's vocal versatility but also of her relationship with the one who has given her such a gift, God.

From the moment Progressive Life-Giving Word Singers began to usher in the presence of the Lord and Apostle Donald Alford sang "Oh come..." the scene was being set for an encounter that would leave an everlasting imprint on my mind. We all know the comedic side of David Mann, but we all could not deny the move in the atmosphere as he came behind the Pastor to introduce his wife. He took lead of the song and left us in the proper hands of the Lord to receive the Word through song.

David and Tamela Mann brought along their southern hospitality as they made us all feel at home, as if we were sitting in their living room gathering as families do to have fun. Brown, oops David Mann, immediately had us in stitches. The Mans showed us that they are "regular" down-to-earth people, which was demonstrated in their banter between one another. Their marriage of over 20 years has not lost it's youthfulness and has only grown better and stronger.

As we settled in to hear the songs, the Manns wanted us to not just hear but to listen and understand the experiences behind each song. On the first song, Tamela prefaced that this song was about when you're in that place and you feel like "you're standing on your last leg" to "hold on". The song "I'll Hold On" with it's pop/rock feel definitely is a different sound from the Tamela Mann we're used to hearing. Squalling was replaced with silky smooth vocals. I was definitely impressed with the arrangement and was looking forward to hearing more.

Reflecting from whence she came, Tamela was the only one in her family, one of 14 children, to graduated from high school. She "never knew [she] could live beyond [her] past." Thus the "churchy" song "This Place" is reminiscent of days gone by. What stuck out in my mind is that if you're really true to self you could never forget the path it took to bring you to where you are presently.

Keeping in tune with remembering our past the next song "Back In The Day Praise" as Tamela coined as "urbany" gave us a place to get our praise on. You can turn this song up and take a ride while bobbin your head to the thumpin beat as David Mann illustrated hilariously.

Tamela's journey to finish this project was not easy. Her husband shared with us how she was attacked by the enemy. A couple of times she lost her voice and that no good devil took her eyesight. But God! We all rejoiced in how God restored her voice and sight. Her testimony reminds me of the scripture 2 Timothy 3:12, "Yeah, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution..." In suffering through such persecution, Tamela was able to pour into this project her heart. Revealing her heart's desire to glorify God, her favorite song "All To Thee" lays everything bare and as she stated "makes her want to cry".

The Bible states, "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning..." (Psalms 30:5). With no hesitation Tamela started giving God serious praise after we listened to the festive song "Guest Of Honor". After all of her struggles, during the making of this project, a praise still remained.

We were well on our way to church, when Tamela sang live the "Blood Medley", where she gave her "good Sunday morning sangin". Still feeling good in the spirit, Tamela sang "Best Days", which is the upbeat lively title track.

The evening began to wind down and came full circle when Tamela sang "Take Me To The King", her hit single. I've played this song several times on my radio show, MusicallYours (http://www.MusicallYours.com), and each time the song has always tugged at my heart. Well, I was on the verge of the "ugly cry" as Tamela sang. To witness this song live and to see how God manifested Himself through Tamela as she delivered with soul-stirring vocals, that were pure and powerful, I was speechless. Souls came to the alter to receive Christ as their personal savior. The results of a life dedicated to spreading God's Word in song.

All I can say is go and get this project. "Best Days" is Tamela's best work to date and I believe the single "Take Me To The King" will become a classic to be heard for many years and generations to come.

Pick up Tamela Mann's CD "Best Days" Tuesday, August 14th at most music outlets and if they do not have it in stock, request it. Go on online to your digital media outlets, such as iTunes and Amazon. 

Visit Tamela's website http://www.tillymannmusic.com/ to stay abreast of concerts and appearances. On August 17th, see Tamela in the movie Sparkle. She was cast as the late Whitney Houston character's best friend. Also, be on the look out for something very special from the Manns! *hint*


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